Janet Margaret Newnham

1964 - 1981

Our daughter Janet died on 9th May 1981, aged 16, following a long period of complex heart problems.  Janet was a pupil at the City of London Freemen's School Ashtead from the age of 9, under the headship of Mr Michael Kemp.  On 10th July 1981 the Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of London, Col. Sir R Gardner-Thorpe planted a tree in her memory in the school grounds.

A room for 6th form study was dedicated as the "Newnham Room" and a plaque and several of her pictures were hung on the walls.  A picture painted by our son Peter, also a pupil at the school, was added.

Janet Margaret Newnham 1964 - 1981

               The Newnham Room 1981                                                                                                                                    Sheila and Neville Newnham

               Tree planting ceremony by the Lord Mayor of London July 1981                                                                        3 August 2003 

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